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* Large internal lumen
* Ideal for special procedures requiring small catheters and power injection
* Latex free

Min. Order: 200 Pieces
A combination of Flexibility, Deliverability and Conformability.

* A "classical" coronary stent with stainless steel platform and open cell design suitable for most stenty ...
Min. Order: 50 Pieces
* Radiopaque sheath with hemostasis valve and sideport with attached 3-way stopcock.

* Radiopaque vessel dilator.

* Smooth atraumatic sheath and dilator transitions and a ...
Min. Order: 200 Sets
*Spiral design ensures precise pressure.
*Improved release handle makes instant and easy inflation and deflation.
*Overpressure protective device provides safer pressure ...
Min. Order: 200 Pieces
Decent Flexibility and Deliverability During Stenting Procedure

* The cobalt-chromium platform of this device offers very thin strut thickness and decent radiopacity during the ...
Min. Order: 50 Pieces
Max. Pressure: 30 bar
* Accurate
* Stable performance
* Simple operation
Min. Order: 200 Sets
* No Leakage under 1200psi
* Smooth Rotating, Easy use
* Latex free
Min. Order: 200 Pieces
* CT Computer Tomography

* MRI Magnetic Resonance Imaging

* DSA Digital Subtraction Angiographic
Min. Order: 200 Pieces
* Two different sideons of Y adaptor suit for various customers

* Push-pull Y Connector makes it easier for doctors to operate precisely.

7F, Push-pull, Sideon Female Luer
FOB Price: US $3.5 / Set
Min. Order: 200 Sets
* Long and sharp tip that has low resistances increases accessibility and reduce tissue trauma
* Short tip has better controllability
* Tapered hub inner diameter facilitates ...
Min. Order: 200 Pieces
1) Main Structure: The Disposable Infusion Pump contains check valve, elastic silicone rubber reservoir, precision filer, soft medical tubing, standard luer connector.

2) ...
Min. Order: 200 Pieces
The Combination of Strength, Flexibility, and Easy Crossing

* Revolutionary New Shaft:
Improves kink resistance by 30%
Smallest cross-sectional shaft profile
Enhances torque ...
FOB Price: US $50 / Piece
Min. Order: 50 Pieces
* Smooth inside and outside surface for drainage
* With radiopaque materials, ensure correct placement
* Excellent compatibility
* Soft tip, well flexibility
Min. Order: 200 Pieces
* Ergonomic design facilitates doctor′s operation.
* Trigger release mechanism provides easy and quick deflation.
* Inclination of manometer provides easy and precise view of ...
Min. Order: 200 Pieces
* Excellent blue soft-tip to significantly reduce risk of vascular trauma
* Medical grade material catheter automatically softens under the temperate of 37
* With radiopaque ...
Min. Order: 200 Sets
Organizer & Holder
Min. Order: 200 Kits
* Used for coronary intervention to reduce vascular access complications.
* Uniquely designed sheath for the smooth atraumatic insertion and removal.
* Nickel-titanium guide ...
Min. Order: 200 Pieces
Biodegradable Polymer Coating Proven Safety and Efficacy Profile

* This DES uses a biodegradable polymer coating on the stainless steel stent platform. The proprietary, ...
Min. Order: 25 Pieces
1) Permanently attached 15mm connector.
2) Pre-connected neck-tape.
3) Available with standard low pressure cuff
4) Radio opaque line through the length
Min. Order: 200 Sets
* Green DOT leads to precise positioning of the Tourniquet
* Two different sizes are applicable to almost all patients
* Pressure in air balloon is easily adjusted by specially ...
Min. Order: 200 Pieces
* Stainless Steel

* Standard fixed core

* Shaft stiffness: Standard, rigid

Straight Tip:

Min. Order: 200 Pieces
Compatible for Libel-Flarsheim




1- 150ml Syringe
1- " J " Fill Tube
Min. Order: 200 Sets
* 500psi / 900psi / 1200psi pressure line by PVC Tubing
1200psi Pressure Line by Braided PU Tubing
* Flexible tubing and rotating male luer provide easy and fast connection
Min. Order: 200 Pieces
* Consistent and accurate reading during monitoring.

* Easy to use.

* With a variety of interface cables available, transducer can be connected to most types of monitors. ...
Min. Order: 200 Kits

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